Text Frame Input at 150%

The Text Frame input and result are different at 150% zoom. At the other percentages I tried, the input and result are identical, as one would expect. Unfortunately I often work at 150% and this difference affects formatting:

Can you post a minimal working project snippet?

Something odd going on with justification which I see you are using. Bizarre though. Let’s take a look at to see if I can duplicate.

Thanks, Andro. It is not project-specific so I am attaching an empty sample file that has my settings with a couple of text frames at the bottom. One frame is in the default text font and the other in my defined footnote font.

I wasn’t accurate in my initial appraisal. It actually seems to happens with zoom %'s 150 and below. And the variation occurs to both the default text font and the user-defined paragraph style.

Example.dorico (1.1 MB)

Yeah, I reported this about a year ago.
Daniel’s answer was that the thing that renders text in input mode and the thing that renders text on to the page are two different beasts, each of them having their own quirks. So while the guys do their best to align both outputs, it’s not as easy as one would think.

Here is my thread: FR: Keep font size the same when editing text frames - #3 by Estigy

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Thanks, Estigy. That explains it. Working at 200% seems to solve the problem.