Text frame / maasterpage

A few questions about Mastarpage and Frames

I have changed my masterpage. I added the arranger name.
So Composer then return and after the arranger. But as you can see there is to much space between the 2 lines.
How can I change this

  1. I make a cover page for my music. But when I chnage something in the masterpage, I have to remove first the “old version” and then Insert again the changed masterpage.
    Is that normal or is there a way that the change can be seen directly?

    best wishes


Either move the frame, or add the Arranger information underneath the Composer information in the same frame.

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand the other part of your question.

  1. Patrick, are you referring to page overrides? That’s a red triangle in the corner of the page icon.

Try to avoid those unless absolutely necessary, or at least until a last step in the process. If you have a page override, and changes you make to the master page will not be reflected in the actual layout.


I have written the Composer and the arranger in the same Frame. And as you can see on the picture the distance between the 2 lines are to big

The 2. Part of my question is ok (thank’s Dan)


Check the Project info, there might be a return in the composer field (maybe pasted from elsewhere).


Problem solved
I need to delete the birth info after the name.
I don’t know why but then it is ok

Thank’s to all