Text Frame requests

Most of the time when I create a text frame in Engrave mode, it’s going to be because I want to then enter text. It would be great if Dorico could automatically launch the cursor inside the newly created text frame whenever I create one, so I can immediately begin typing without having to take the added step of having to click into the frame.

Also, the bug where text frames reset to Vertical Alignment: Center any time they are edited still isn’t fixed. It was in 2.2 and now 3.0 at least. I don’t have a version prior to 2.2 to know how long this has been around, but it would be great to see that get fixed too.

The problem is that properties in general get stomped when they shouldn’t. It’s on the list to be fixed. Although we take an aggressive approach towards fixing bugs, it is nevertheless not possible to fix every reported bug in every release.

Thanks! Good to know it’s still on the radar to be fixed at least.