text frame to full score problem

I put a text frame into a part. I can’t find a way to have it show in the full score or in another part ?
I’ve searched the forum, youtube and the helpfile - no luck.
How I miss a proper manual that tells me HOW to do things and not just what Dorico can do… :frowning:

Generally putting things in score makes it appear in parts, and most changes to parts are by design made local, so You can have part-specific adjustments. I believe, and I could be very wrong, but frames are also local in score, as the Part inherits all music and variables, but not frames, as they are not connected to each other in any way, which is also by design, to allow freedom in expense of simplicity of some workflows.
To reuse frame layouts You should apply master pages, accessible from Engraving tab, right sidebar. You can make Your own.
Good luck!

Unless the text frame is in a master page, it’s a layout frame and therefore only appears on the page you put it on (and will be shown as an override in the RH Engrave panel).