text frames a little bit buggy?

Tonight I tried to create three pages for a hymn book. On the lower part of the page I created a text frame to fill it up with the verses (2., 3., 4. etc.).
After inputting the text in 4 paragraphs (1 verse, one empty line, next verse) I formatted it by increasing text size.
Once I left from text input (in Engrave Mode), some of my formatting options would not stick. For example the second verse kept font size at 18 pt, but verses 3, 4 and 5 would fall back to the smaller size. It took quite a while to fight this behaviour and made Dorico accept my formatting wishes…
Anybody else with this experience? May be in a text frame there can only be one block of text without paragraph?

There is a bug whereby selecting multiple paragraphs of text in the editor and changing the size appears to work for all paragraphs, but when you leave the editor, it turns out that only the first paragraph’s size has changed. This will be fixed soon, hopefully in the next update (though it is not yet fixed). In the meantime, try changing the size of the paragraph style you’re using instead, via Engrave > Paragraph Styles.