Text frames alignment issue

I created a few text frames so I can have this nicely centered layout for the instrumentation page. However, when I change the page size this layout goes out of the window.
If there were a “middle of the page” constraint it would be perfect, but there isn’t. Is there a way to have the right or left side of a text frame always in the center of the page?

This is how I set it up, on an A3 size page:

This is what happens if I switch to A4:

Link to the project: Nimrod - Copia.dorico - Google Drive

I’m pretty sure it’s user error, but any insight on how to better work with text frames is welcome!

It’s because of your frames. You need to unlock them from the opposite page edge before changing page size. That makes them have a fixed width, rather than calculating from the opposite page margin.

For the boxes on the left, unlock the right margin (the blue lock icon). You’ll then see the “Width” property box appear. Reverse for the boxes on the right.

I changed only the “Parte 1 I” frame and the one on its right.
This is how it is in the master page editor:

This is how it looks after making the page A4:

The issue with using width is that now, no matter how big the page is, the frames are always 133mm, and so two adjacent ones will overlap if the page size is shrunk.

In answer to your original question, no, there’s no way of centering frames, so there’s no way of getting what you want across multiple page sizes without using multiple master pages.

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