Text Frames default to Center after editing

Every time I edit a text frame, the vertical alignment defaults to center even though I had set it to top or bottom. Maybe not a big issue, but now I’m creating the house styles for the publishers I’m working for, I sometimes miss this and have to get back and correct this.

Confirming that I see this too, frequently.
I think it’s come up before, and is already on the development team’s radar.

Yes, unfortunately this bug has not yet been fixed, but it’s on our list.

André, for what it’s worth, if you have a load of text frames near each other that all need top alignment, you can marquee select (click and drag) all of them and reset the alignment for all of them in one go.

Obviously don’t do this until after you’ve edited the text in all of these frames, or you’ll likely have to repeat.

While working on another project, I noticed that also the padding in the Properties panel is turned off/reset to default after editing a text field.