Text frames in SE?

I’m learning my way around Dorico 4 SE.
I found online that there is a way to insert blocks of text using “Text Frames”.
This is in the Engrave page.
I can’t find that, so I suppose SE does not have it (and I believe it’s not in Elements either).
I would simply like to write a little box of descriptive text somewhere on the page of my composition.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

Welcome to the forum @Pippington ! That’s correct, Dorico SE doesn’t include Engrave mode – that’s only available fully in Dorico Pro, and for graphical editing in Elements and when subscribed on the iPad.

You could instead add staff- or system-attached text to an appropriate position in the music.

Alternatively, if you’re working off a template, you could post it here. I’m sure some large-hearted Pro user would be happy to add a text frame and send it back to you for future use. :wink:

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Thanks for your very clear reply.
If I were to subscribe on the iPad and add some text there and save to the iCloud, would it show up when I open it in Dorico SE MacOs version?

The iPad subscription version only has access to graphical editing in Engrave mode, it doesn’t have access to frame editing – that’s only available in Dorico Pro.