Text frames issue

Hi, I want to add some boxed text to a score. I went to engrave mode, inserted a text frame and typed the text. But when I go back to write mode, it just shows as text without the surrounding box. The box doesn’t show in print mode either.
Also, it only shows in the full score - I want it to show in all parts as well.
Any suggestions gratefully received…

Text frames don’t show a border unless you explicitly add one.

Frames you add to individual pages only exist on those pages. If you want the text to appear on multiple pages, you need to add it to the appropriate page template (e.g. the First page template for information you want to appear on the first page of music, or the Default page template for information you want on every subsequent page – see here for diagrams of those).

By default, scores and parts use different page template sets so you might need to do this once for parts and once for scores, but you can also import page templates from one set to another.

Alternatively, you might use normal text (Shift+X or Alt+Shift+X) in write mode, make it boxed and move it in engrave mode (locally). This text will remain attached to the selected note or rest and it will show in score and part (unless hidden).

Thanks. But I can’t see an option to make normal text boxed. I’m using Dorico 3.5.

Ah, thanks, I’ve added the border now.

The toggle is in the properties panel.