Text Frames that adapt to content

(Please let me know if I’m missing an existing feature.)

Is it worth considering text frames that adapt to content?

In an effort to create a master style - I find that I’m having to have practically duplicate frame layouts: some Flows have dedications in the Info panel, some don’t. Likewise for Project Info. Ditto with subtitles.

I’m finding that I have to create different Master Pages and Flow Headings according to all of these variations.

It would be nice if:

(a) A Text Frame could collapse to nothing if there were no resulting text to be put into that frame;
(b) A Text Frame could vertically expand if the resulting text were multiple lines.


That’s not something you’re likely to see any time soon. It’s a nice idea in principle but it is impractical in the general case, unfortunately, particularly when it comes to wanting things like frames for titles to expand such that the music will start further down the page.