Text goes off side of page in parts

Hi, I’ve just created parts for the first time using Dorico. It’s done a really neat job overall, with minimal effort required on my part.

One thing that I need to fix though is text going off the side of the page, as in the screenshot (a similar thing happened in another part as well). As far as I’m aware, you can’t edit parts. I know you can change some settings, but I guess there wouldn’t be a setting for this, as it seems like nobody would opt for this anyway.

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 07.23.57

Do you know how I can fix this?


Hi Isabelle,

A quick fix would be: in Engrave mode, click the bar line and insert a system break (Shift-S).


A function to prevent this has been requested in the past but it’s most likely not trivial to implement. In any case, this is easy to fix manually. If you have Dorico Pro, in Engrave Mode, select anything in the bar and press the ‘.’ (period/full stop) key, or select the barline under the rehearsal number and insert a system break by using Cmd-S (Mac) or Ctrl-S (Windows).

Thank God, this is not true :wink:
You’ll need to check whether you have this kind of problems to solve (with system breaks, as Daniel and Vaughan advised), and you’ll need to make sure the page turns are correct! This is something Dorico cannot do, as powerful and clever as it is. It depends on too many parameters…


Thanks all for the replies. I had not realised you could use Engrave mode in parts. Hoorah!


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