Text highlighting & cursor in setup mode

In Setup mode, when I double-click on the name of a flow, the cursor is blinking at the end of the text, so it looks like any new typing will be added on at the end - but in reality the whole text is highlighted and what you type will erase what is already there.

Is this the intended behavior? I’m running Mac Big Sur.


I get the same behavior on Win 10.

Presumably the behavior is intended.

It’s not only in the flow name, also in player’s name, layout name and maybe elsewhere. I don’t like it either. Actually, the cursor blinks only once, but that’s enough to be confusing, and you may start typing already. It throws me off every time.

Yes, this is the intended behaviour. I think the thing that trips people up is that the highlighted colour that shows the text is selected is close to white, which in a “normal” text editing control would be the background colour for unselected text. But the cards in the panels in Setup mode are blue, so the background colour for unselected text is blue, and the selected text background colour is white.

No, sorry, it’s the blinking cursor at the end of the text that confuses me (and others, apparently). If clicking on the text would simply result in an (unmoving) selected block, it would be entirely straightforward, whichever colour is used for the selection.

Additional FR, but quite related:
Just to be sure, I often hit down-arrow, expecting a blinking cursor at the right end of the text (this is standard Mac UI), but Dorico doesn’t do that. I have to type Cmd-right to get my cursor at the end. Probably something in the Qt framework, but it bothers me (slightly).