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A cordial greeting to all. I’m making a collection of songs using flows. When I insert a text frame in “start a new page” mode the frame remains in the right position, but when I go to “allow on page” I find the text frame in another position. What am I doing wrong?

@pasquale.amico, I’m not exactly sure that I understand your scenario.

“Start a new page” and “Allow on page” = are you referring to the settings where you choose if new flows must begin on a new page, in Layout Options?

Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 5.45.33 pm

I definitely don’t understand the text frame reference.

I confirm the layout option, the problem is the text frame moves continuously.

Ok. Could you send screenshots of the page before the change and exactly the same page after the change?

I suggest writing all the music, then working on its layout taking into account the space the texts will occupy, and only then add the text frames, not a second before.
Or, as @Christian_R suggested in another post, create master pages with the correct setting of music and text frames and then just apply them where you want.


Thank you all for your answers. I solved it with Michele’s first solution. I noticed however that it is a rather widespread problem and create a page template that includes a text frame does not solve the issue. I take care of making collections of educational songs and I have really tried everything, Dorico is very close to the final solution but there is a lot to work to speed up production.

When you create a text frame directly on the Layout (instead of a part of a page template), if will be assigned to that page, and it will stay where you have created it. In other words it is not attached to the flow, but to the page. Also creating it directly on the layout, creates a page override, that, among other things, impedes Dorico to display the Flow Headers correctly for that page if you change the distribution of the flows on the pages. Changing the option “Allow (new flows) on existing page”, (and changing so the distribution of the flows on the pages) the flows will be correct positioned, but, because of he override, the flow headings are not correct. And your created frame stays on the page where you have created it.
So the above suggestions, to create the desired text frames at the end of your lay-outing, or even better create custom page templates that contain the desired music frame/s and text frame/s correctly positioned and the apply them to the desired pages, is a good possibility:

Here the visualisation of what happens when creating the text frame directly on the layout (and after this, changing something in the distribution of the music). I hope it helps to understand what to do and what to avoid:

Here an example of a possible setup (with the Dorico file also, to experiment). Remember to set the numbering of MA music frame to 1 and 2 for left and right pages so the flows can flow :wink: . It will maintain the correct flows distribution, and flow headings, and at the end of lay-outing you can add the texts, just double clicking into the text frames directly in write mode (it also creates overrides, but now the layout stays consistent):

custom page templates music and textdorico.dorico (574.8 KB)

Thank you Christian, really a remarkable solution. However, to the fact that it adapts very well to a situation like the one you propose, that is: short melodies, with a more or less fixed number of lines. How do you manage to organize yourself when it comes to melodies that are all different from each other in length? At the moment the best, but not the most effective, remains to associate a pentagram text. Or am I doing something wrong? Christian, veramente una notevole soluzione. Tuttavia al fatto che si adatti molto bene ad una situazione come quella che proponi tu, ossia: brevi melodie , con un numero più o meno fisso di battute. Come riesci ad organizzarti quando si tratta di melodie tutte diverse tra di loro come lunghezza? Al momento la miglior, ma non la più efficace, rimane quella di associare un testo di pentagramma. Oppure sbaglio qualcosa io?

Yes Indeed, if the music and text varies a lot you would need to define different page templates that accommodate more or less what you need and apply them as Need ed (and you can alway adjust their dimensions/positions directly on the layout when you have finished your Layouting of the music first.)

Or as you say using staff text below the last bar (by larger Text amount this requires some manual adjusting though).

Or as @Michele_Galvagno1 suggests

If you would like to send me an example, I would love to experiment with the layout for you.

(Ciao Pasquale, ho scritto in inglese perché sono così abituato nel forum, Spero sia ok. Se desideri mandarmi un esempio del tuo progetto sarei lieto di esperimentare con il Layout per te, e magari trovo una soluzione migliore :slight_smile: )

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Hi Christian and thank you for your kind availability and I would not like to abuse your courtesy. More than anything else I would like to see and study a project model I’m making, but it seems to me that Dorico doesn’t have a large audience dedicated to teaching and I can’t find anything. Possibly if you can report any source, I would be grateful.