Text in MusicXML

For a class I’m taking, the materials are in MusicXML. Dorico imports the notes fine, but staff-independent text (containing instructions, for example) does not come in, so I have to use Noteflight to see what’s going on. Checking “Text Items” in Preferences ->MusicXML Import did not help. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Could you please zip up and attach one of the MusicXML files in question, and let us know specifically where there is a text item that you are expecting to see that doesn’t appear?

( FWIW - In case Finale is the source of the XML… FInale has two attachment options for Text Blocks, measure attached and PAGE attached. If memory serves me, only measure attached text blocks will show up in D. It’s pretty quick to change the attachment type using the blocks’ Frame Attribute dialogue and manually reposition them before export… (if one has access to the source files of course :laughing: ))

Thanks. I don’t have access, but I’m sure the source is Finale, and it would make sense for it to be page-attached.

Just confirmed the behaviour and took a look at the XML file…
It seems all page attached text blocks are using the tag … hmm

<credit page="1">
    <credit-words default-x="297" default-y="1409" font-size="12" valign="top">PAGE ATTACHED</credit-words>