Text in parts, not wanted in score

This again may be a simple solution. I would like text material that I put in a part not to show up on Score. For example…I would like to have the word Intense to appear in the Score…only on the top of the top staff…of the first part. When I type that word in all the other parts I would Not like to have it appear in the score. I seemed to be well in this matter…then something went amiss. Thanks for reading.

System text, Alt-Shift-X.

To expand on Dan’s answer a little further, system-attached text will appear only above the top staff in each layout, and then above the top bracketed staff in any instrument group defined in Layout Options for that layout. In general this means that the text will appear above the single staff in each instrumental part, and above the top staff and possibly one or two other instrument families in the full score layout. This should give you the result you’re looking for.