Text in text frame does not match lyric font size - can't find a way to match them

Working on a hymnal, and I have realized (at last, I know) there is a way in Dorico to match the font size in the text frame for verse 4 and 5 (project file below) to the lyric font size.

Lyric font: 13.5pt
Raster: Custom - 1.3mm

I keep reading about ‘staff-relative’ and ‘absolute’, but can’t make sense of any of this. Thanks for any help you all can give!

HYMN_012_Abide_With_Me_EVENTIDE.dorico (2.4 MB)

Staff-relative = the size will change based on your staff size
Absolute = the size will stay the same no matter what your staff size is

Here’s a primer on how these work: https://www.scoringnotes.com/tips/the-point-of-point-sizes/

The gist of it is that in Dorico the staff-relative size will be equal the absolute size if the staff is roughly 7mm (1.75mm space size). If the staff size is 6mm then the font will be 6/7 of the absolute font size (e.g. a 14pt font will show at 12pt).

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I set hymnal lyrics paragraph style to “absolute” to avoid this sort of confusion.


Do I need to find some sort of analog-printing-press class at a museum somewhere. @pianoleo 's linked article is great.