Text in text frames automatically aligned to system barlines?

For instance, copyright text automatically aligned to the bottom system barline, not just to the left of frame, or title flow to the top system barline (as it is a frequent practice)?
I can do it manually, of course, either adding first a tab and set “Left tab stop” option in the frame properties, or directly dragging the frame. But I wonder if there’s an automatic “clean” way of doing this, without overriding page templates.
There is an “Align with systemic barline if at start of system” option in the Paragraph style editor, but I couldn’t find a way to make it work in text frames, as this is probably applicable only to notes.
Or am I missing something here?

You’re not missing anything. That setting is for Staff and System Text only, not frames. You’d need to use one of the two methods you mentioned.

Many thanks, @dan_kreider. I hope one day it could be applied to text frames as well, or it’ll be feasible some kind of “{@BottomSystemBarlineTab@}” or “{@TopSystemBarlineTab@}” token inserted before the copyright/title/flow title/etc.

I can’t speak for the team, of course, but I don’t see how that could be achieved. The text frame would have to somehow be linked to the music frame and draw properties from it.

However I guess there’s not much point in that speculation.

Sure, I can only speculate. I’m wondering that if there’s a {@playernames@} token which can already be applied in a text frame, and which I guess gets its information from the music frame, maybe another token could get the longest player name to calculate the necessary indent space?

It would just need to know the layout options, wouldn’t it?
Surely manual adjustments would not be able to considered.

The position of the left edge of the system is dependent on the length of the longest staff label. This can vary dependent on instrument changes and hidden staves (though there are standing feature requests for other Dorico to use the same indent for all systems on a page or all systems in a layout). So no, knowing the Layout Options would be insufficient.

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