Text input improvements

Hi Daniel & team

Sometimes, SHIFT+X opens the textbox hidden from view even though there is plenty of screen underneath:

Also, I would love to have a keyboard shortcut for applying text styles—without having to click with the mouse:

InDesign has a great one, it opens an input box and allows you to type the name of the style you wish to apply. No need to get that fancy here, just something to open the box and focus the caret on that list, where we can type the name and/or use arrow keys to select.

Non-related: the glissandi as mislabeled in the UI:

All icing on the proverbial cake, of course… –π

I’ve fixed the typos in the Ornaments panel – funnily enough that was mentioned on Twitter yesterday. I certainly agree on the second point, and I’m sure we will address this in the future.

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