You do it in DORICO?

Your question is unclear. Can you clarify please?

You do it in DORICO?

Insert a flat glyph or other glyphs?

Or insert some project info?

Yes, you can easily do either. But please try to be more specific so we can help you.

insert all text!!!

I can appreciate that English may not be your first language, but I can’t answer a question I can’t understand.

The only answer I have is: “yes.”

I’m going to guess these might be good starting points:

for example

its a good idea👌

Answer : yes! :joy:

Ah, he wants to be able to insert music glyphs as text.

You can do that in both text frames and using the text tool (Shift-X).

There’s no list of common glyphs to do it automatically, like in Finale, but in the little text settings panel, change the character style to music text. Find the glyph you want to use here: https://www.smufl.org/version/

Simply copy and paste it into the text box, and you’re good to go :wink:

And for things that are not glyphs (composer name, project title, etc.), use the third link that pianoleo provided for a list of tokens that can be used to display that info. Again, works in text frames or with the text tool.

DORICO will do it in the future all in one👍