Text interferes with spacing

In the attached snapshot, the Tempo text is creating a huge space between the first two 1/8th note events. Is there a way of tidying this up?
Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 20.54.52

Are you sure that tempo mark is attached to the downbeat? Typically where there are notes present it shouldn’t have any effect on the spacing if it’s attached in the right place. I wonder if perhaps you’ve attached the metronome mark as a separate item of tempo text, slightly rhythmically offset?

A better solution for these sorts of situations (where you need tempo text above a metronome mark) is to use Shift-Alt-X piece of system text, with the text and metronome mark (with Metrico or Musglyphs) on two separate lines of the same text object. Input a real metronome mark separately and hide it (globally) from the properties panel.


Thanks for the suggestions Leo. In the end I tried deleting it and entering it again, and it worked. Possibly the problem was caused by the score being a Music XML import.

I’ll bear in mind your suggestion about using MusGlyphs for the future. I don’t need to hide the “real” tempo because I just need this as a performing score, not to send to anyone as a demo.