Text is colliding with top of the page number etc

I’m creating a master piano vocal for a musical which requires a great deal of dialogue text attached to various bars. Im doing it by hitting Shift X and then typing in the dialogue. when I move the bars around in engraving if the new frame starts at the top of the page and there is dialogue attached to it the text ends up overlapping the page number etc and I’m forced to drag the whole system down vertically. Is there a way to tell Dorico not to let the text attached to a measure or system collide with the information at the top of the page?

No, Dorico won’t move the top or bottom staff on the page in order to prevent collisions with things outside the music frame. It does this because we prioritise keeping a consistent position for the top and bottom staff on a justified page. However, we know that some users would welcome an automatic option to avoid these collisions, preferring that to a consistent position for the top and bottom staff on the page, and it’s something that we plan to add in future.

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Thanks so much for getting back. It would def be a great thing for musical theatre scores in the future. But I LOVE dorico so much- it’s still very easy to move things around and make the score legible.