Text items are doubled

Hello everyone,

I noticed that certain text items in my Dorico files seemed blurry and slightly thicker; gradual tempo indications, cues and percussion legends. I now exported a test file to PDF, and opened it in a PDF editor. It turns out that all these text items are doubled. When I add a gradual tempo marking, Dorico places two of those, on top of each other, though not perfectly aligned.

I’ve attached a Dorico file, and two PDFs: one to show how it exports, and one where I’ve moved one of the text items so you can see what I mean. In the same file the immediate tempo indication behaves as expected and prints only once.

I thought it might have to do with the fonts I am using, or with any other changes in settings. But in this test file I set everything to factory settings, and it still shows the same behaviour.

Does anyone have an idea why this happens, and how I can avoid it?

Thank you so much!
as it exports.pdf (32.4 KB)
pulled apart.pdf (348.4 KB)
Text doubling example.dorico (599.6 KB)

I cant confirm the same behaviour here.

It does look like some elements are duplicated, and others aren’t.

Thanks for reporting this, @lodewijk. We can reproduce the problem, and we will investigate and fix as soon as possible.


Funny: I noticed the same thing yesterday, but h was opening a really old file, so I assumed it was related to that. Evidently a broader problem.

This is an example of not only fixed categories of text being displayed twice, but of it happening differently within a category.

I can’t see any difference between the flow data. But the verse numbers in the second flow are output twice and look bolder than in the other flows, which can even be recognised in write mode. In the PDF output, these duplicate verse numbers can be edited individually.
Test Verse Numbers_01_Partitur.pdf (22.3 KB)
Test Verse Numbers.dorico (994.0 KB)

In your second flow, every lyric has the Show verse number property overridden, and this causes Dorico to draw an additional verse number. This isn’t correct, of course, but you can easily avoid the problem by only overriding the property for a single lyric on each line.

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