Text layout Score vs individual parts

Hello everyone,

This might have been discussed before, I have a question regarding text layout. Sometimes a text object looks great in my score but not in my individual part, mostly because it is attached to the last bar of the system. For layout constricts I’m might be forced to keep this bar as that the last one of my system. If it is the case, I need to click on the text and press “enter” several times to resize it. But if do so, it will be resized in my score too, which is not optimal. Is there a way to proceed which is not to add two distinct text objects and hide both of them either in the score or in the individual part? And what to do when it comes to textual dynamics and playing techniques?

Whenever I have this problem, the solution usually is to adjust the layout so the measure falls within a system. There is often no other choice.

Could you post a screenshot of a problem area? There might be a creative way out.

With tempo marks, you can give them an abbreviated version and hide/show the abbreviation in each layout.

In 3.5 you can hide individual text objects in each layout, as you mentioned - coincidentally I was doing just that in an engraving project earlier (having text formatted differently in the score vs the part, with the score text hidden in the part & vice versa) and it worked fine - particularly when the same formatted versions were needed for multiple parts and I could just copy/paste.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any specific case in mind for the time being. I thought maybe there could be something else to do. Even if Dorico is better by far than Sibelius, the way we could resize text boxes was quite useful.

I certainly agree that it would be useful to be able to have line breaks in items like tempos in different places in different layouts, and this is something that I anticipate we will implement in a future version of the software.