Text margin

Hi everyone,

I was wondering why a two-lines text was further away from the staff than a single-line one.

Thanks for your help!

I was tempted to say it was the descender of the “p,” but that doesn’t seem to account for all the difference.

No it isn’t…

Goodness, you’re right. I just tried it myself. Yikes.

The two line text looks wider spaced than normal. What’s going on there? Are you using a wider line spacing/baseline shift?

I dont know about the OP, but I’m not. Everything is normal.

Same for me…

For what it’s worth, same behaviour in Wee Dorico.

I know that there is a good reason for this discrepancy, but precisely what it is eludes me for the time being – I will consult with my learned colleagues this week and come back to you.

Ah, I suddenly had a brainwave and remembered the conversation I had about it (some two and a half years ago).

A single-line text item will always be positioned a little lower than a multi-line one, because we always offset the single-line text item by the difference between the baseline of the text and the bottom of its bounding rectangle, whereas we cannot do this for a multi-line text item.

We decided after much debate to leave this alone, on the grounds that single-line text items are much more common than multi-line items, and any change to make single-line text items move further away from the staff would change thousands of existing projects in an undesirable way.

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