Text Object in Write Mode?

Is there way to insert free form text that shows in Write Mode? I’d like to be able to label permutations of a tone row.

I’m not sure what precisely you mean by “free form,” but your options for text are system text, staff text, or a text frame (which is unattached from the staff, and fixed on the page).

If you want to add text objects that are attached to rhythmic positions, it’s sometimes easier to add these using the lyric pop over. But staff text can also be added at any rhythmic position as well.

If you’re wanting text items to the left of the staff, it’s probably easiest to add these to the downbeats of each system, left-align to the system (via the properties panel), and select and drag them all at once so they’re uniformly positioned.

Yes, a text frame would seem to be ideal, but is in Engrave mode, and doesn’t show up in Write mode. I want something that doesn’t print.

You could use comments? It wouldn’t display the contents in the music, but you can position them where you want and view all comments in a flow in the Comments panel on the right of the window. Comments are “annotations” so aren’t printed unless you tick the box for annotations in Print mode.

I guess that could work. I’ll be using the same comments over and over, so sort of a drag to have to create a new one each time. Also, would much rather see the comment than my initials.

Thanks Lillie!

In your example, where your comments are tiny, I can understand that but for longer, editorial comments (like, “is the hyphenation of this lyric correct here?”) you could quickly end up with the music completely obscured by comments.

You can copy and paste comments, or alt-click to create copies.

But the copies are all independent objects, so you can’t edit the text of a group of “identical” comments all at once.

Thanks Rob