Text on horizontal line with system break

Hi, I have two systems, starting from the last note in system 1, I add a horizontal line to somewhere in system 2. The layout makes sense, I cannot move the last note to system 2 as I need the first notes in that bar to be in system 1.

Now when I add text to the line, e.g. “example 2”, the text is visible in system 1 (overlaying the line) as well as system 2 (nicely placed). I only want the text to be visible in system 2 however. I cannot remove the text or make it invisible in system 1. Any idea how to achieve this?


Hi @musinaut , I managed to obtain what you desire:

select the line where the Text is not positioned as needed: in the properties panel set the Text placement at the end and increase the gap considerably:

Thanks @Christian_R that indeed is a good workaround. However it forces me to always optically center the text whereas I would like to rely on Dorico to calculate the best text position (center). So maybe this is a feature request as well.