Text only flow

Is there a way to have a text only flow?
I don’t seem to be able to do this with master pages or by having a flow with no players.
I need to be able to move the flow around.

No, this isn’t possible. You can move the page containing the text around using the Pages panel, but I appreciate that’s not exactly what you’re asking for.

I’ve managed this by assigning a single player and opaque shift-X text-blocking over the stave with with this character at size 50pts █
I couldn’t work out how to do the same with a text frame.

Steve, very interesting concept! I guess this points out how difficult it must be for developers to get 100% correct MusicXML import and export as I can’t imagine what this would translate as!

I can’t imagine what this would translate as!

A big black rectangle above an empty stave, maybe.
At least as a separate flow, it could be removed from XML export.

I would love to be able to do Text Flows. This is something that I am just coming to realise would be great!

The white-space text-hiding method works well to block a single player to create a text only flow. I’ve not found a downside to it, yet.