Text out of margins at system break

Is there a way to make a long piece of text spill over to the next system? See below for an example (Print mode shown).

Not automatically, no. It’s been discussed, but at present it has to be done manually.

Hi Dan,
I’m having a similar problem. My score looks likes this:

, but for example my flute part looks like this:

You mentioned that this has to be done manually. If I try to change the text field (by breaking it up in two over two staves) it will also change the text field in the score. Is there a proper solution to do this? Thanks!

Really the only solution (for now) is to hide the real Tempo marking in one place, add a Shift-X version of the same text in the flute part, then use its hide property locally from the score.

Or cast the flute part off in such a way that the tempo marking is closer to the beginning of a system.

Hmm, I hope this can be addressed in a next Dorico version.
Thanks for your tip!

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