Text over tempo mark


I’m trying to put the text (Air - John Blow) over the tempo mark, but I can’t find a way to do it.
Is it just me or there isn’t a way to do it? (besides moving it manually, of course)

Thanks in advance

Manual change is the way :wink:
If this is system text (it shoul be) and you want this to appear in parts as well (I suppose you do), make sure you turn the properties setting to global. Then offset the y value by 6 or 7. It should offset that text for all layouts.
[Edit]: of course, Lillie (right below) is right, so make sure you follow her advice too !

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If you want to swap the 2 (and have the tempo mark ending up closer to the staff than it is currently), deactivate collision avoidance for the text first before moving it; that way Dorico won’t continue to calculate the tempo’s position as if the text were below it.

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Thanks for the solution; I did try moving the system text manually, but tempo mark wasn’t moving; thought that I would have to move both. Now I understand what the collision avoidance is for.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use a flow heading for the title?

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Hi @b_e_n,

Normally, that would be the case, but I’m working on a project that has many flows in the same page, some of which don’t need a title. Given that Dorico doesn’t let you have flow with and without title in the same page, I opted for not having a flow title in any of them.

This is an example of the project.

Aha, I see. In this case your solution seems to be the easiest. Easier at least than fiddling around with frames.

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