Text playing technique, distance from staff

Hello everyone,

what about this:


This is my setting –

To me it seems that the 1/2 space distance is counted from the lowest point of the p of the pizz, not from where the orange dashed line goes. Obviously I would like the pizz and arco to be aligned. How, if not manually?

Here’s how the Breitkopf engraver handled it in the Violin 1 part of Brahms 1st Symphony:

Personally, I think your setting is very good - I wouldn’t worry about alignment.

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If you wanted to align them, you could group those two playing techniques, and hide or change the transition line shown between them if needed (if you never want to show a transition line after pizz. playing techniques, edit the pizz. playing technique to change its defaults).

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This raises a point about the illustration in the dialog. It might be nice if PTs aligned at the baseline, but they do not, and never have. That doesn’t bother me, but the illustration for the distance-above setting is wrong and should be changed.


Despite the apparently incorrect description in the dialogue box, Dorico is making the correct decision by placing the pizz. and arco close to the notes and stems without concern about alignment. There are many playing techniques that are often better not aligned. For example, the standard sustaining pedal indication Ped. and its following termination * is often better not aligned, as are a series of pedal markings. Similarly tempo indications etc.

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Thank you all. I will leave it as it is (I think I got a bit tripped up by the orange line in the settings!).