Text position in music layout frame

I created an extra flow for singing techniques:

Now I want to insert it in my layout and the position of the text changes. (avoid collisions is activated for all text).
AND the Staff Label (which I removed) is also shown again.
Why is that please?
Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-10 um 12.48.43

You probably set the properties for that text (or dragged it, or used F to flip it) with the “Set local properties” switch set to Local. In that scenario, properties apply only to that layout and only to that frame chain. I’m hazy as to whether Edit > Propagate Properties might work here - it’s worth a try.

Oh, and the staff label setting will be attached to a System Break or Frame Break (unless you’d set it globally for the layout in Layout Options). Again, System and Frame Breaks are layout and frame chain specific.

Ha ! Propagate Properties made the job :slight_smile: Thanx Leo - this is a function I forget far too often and which is more important than one thinks.
BTW: the properties to the text were set to ‘All’ - so this was not the problem.

Were they actually bold, though?
It really does matter how the switch is set when you set the property (and that includes dragging in Engrave mode or flipping - both of these things set properties).

For instance, I set the switch to Global and then turned on the Hidden property below, so that’s bold, meaning it applies globally.
Then I set the switch to Local and set the Alignment property. That’s not bold, so it’s been set locally.

Actually in my first sketches I always only work with ‘global’ properties and I do the ‘layout-fine-tuning’ when my compo is finished.
One reason for that is that I work in galley view and a lot of layout things happen in engrave mode, hence in page view.
Going back from engrave mode+page view to galley view, my score always jumps 20-50 bars further from where I’m working and I’m tired of that.
So no engrave mode, no layout-fine-tuning :wink:
Thanx for all Leo