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Hallo liebe Leute,

ich habe eine Partitur mit Gesangsstimme und Klavierstimme (Liedtext). Ich möchte jetzt den Liedtext mit in den Klavierauszug bringen, damit die Pianistin mitsingen kann, der Liedtext soll aber nur im Klavier-Auszug zu sehen sein, in der Partitur soll er nur bei den Gesangsstimmen stehen, nicht nochmal unter dem Klavier.

Hinzu kommt, dass der Liedtext sich anscheinend an der Rhythmik der Noten bei der Gesangsstimme orientiert. Das führt zu folgendem Problem:

(Wie) kann ich erreichen, dass sich die Klavier-Stimme so anpasst, dass der Text auch hier lesbar ist?

Vielen Dank!

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Hello dear folks,

I have a score with vocal part and piano part (lyrics). I would now like to include the lyrics in the piano score so that the pianist can sing along, but the lyrics should only be visible in the piano score, in the score they should only be with the vocal parts, not again under the piano.

In addition, the lyrics seem to be based on the rhythm of the notes in the vocal part. This leads to the following problem:

(How) can I get the piano part to adjust so that the text is readable here too?

Many thanks!

Dorico won’t automatically space lyrics without notes. Either you need to manually space the piano part, which might look very weird, or you need to make sure that the pianist can see the vocal notes (which is normal - I’d never accompany a song from sheet music that didn’t include the vocal line).

If you’re adamant that you want the pianist to see just the piano staves and some lyrics - not in any rhythm - write out the lyrics a line at a time, in regular staff text (Shift-X) attached to either of the piano staves. Note that staff text has a Hide property that can be turned on in any layout locally (so affecting that layout only).

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Hello @pianoleo,
Thank you very much for your advice.
It is very time-consuming, so I will solve it differently. Thank you again for pointing out the hide property, which had slipped my mind.

You could include the vocal part in the piano part (by assigning the relevant player for the vocal line to the piano part layout) then make the vocal staff smaller? No manual intervention required in terms of the music, just formatting.

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Hey, @Lillie_Harris - good idea! Thanks for the hint!!!