text rotation


I’m using a fingering’s font for woodwinds and I would need to be able to rotate the result in order to have it displayed vertically.
I can’t do it by using returns in the string I use to create the fingering

Here in horizontal display in the following pictures

And with this other font, the resulting display is vertical (no idea why) but the result is not right if compared to a text editor


Hi Yan !
Have you tried using the playing technique editor? It might be quite longer since you’d have to create a playing technique for each fingering (but if you save it as default, that’s something you would have to do only once). My guess is that you could have more control over the way it’s displayed, but well, I’m not too sure about this.

Hello Mark

No I haven’t tried it.
The main reason was precisely to avoid creating a technique per fingering.
But I will give it a try to check it out…



Unfortunately there’s currently no way to rotate a text item in Dorico, but this is something we are considering for a future version.

Oh please do! This would have come in handy for me a few times already and I can think of a few other ways I’d use it. Funnily enough, just yesterday I was looking at a special score that was emulating medieval music that had notes neatly tucked off to the side.