Text Sizes Messed up

For some odd reason all the text sizes in my flows have become too small. This is a problem in all of my Dorico projects, and when I try changing it back to the default size, Dorico thinks the default size is too small. The defaults that I have for example are:

Title: 20.0 pt
Flow Title: 16.0 pt
Lyrics: 11.0 pt

Is there a way to fix it? Or at least a resource with all the default text sizes so I can make them the new default?

I don’t think I understand everything here…
First things first: are those values Absolute or set to be proportional with the space size?
How does Dorico tell you the default sizes are too small?
Have you Saved as default the sizes that were good for you? And FWIW the sizes you’ve stated there do not shock me, even though they are not my default sizes (but it depends greatly on the font used)

Rehearsal marks & Lyrics are staff-relative; Title, & Flow Title are absolute so it depends but I didn’t save any defaults, I have no idea why it changed.

Regardless though, it’s all way too small.

Check what is changed using the Library >Library Manager. to compare with the Dorico factory defaults, or another project.

Paragraph styles said all options matched in comparison to Dorico factory settings.

Sorry - but I doubt that. Can you post the score (just one bar should be sufficient)?

Ok so…uh I posted the old version where it looked way too small in a reply to Marc, but I restarted Dorico and the layout settings were back to the factory but the text settings are fine now. Sorry for wasting your time I guess? No idea why it happened though

Yes, weird! :person_shrugging: