Text Snippets / File / Save As


I recently moved from WL8 TO WL9 and trying to get my workflow the same as it was in 8.

Something we used everyday in the studio from wavelab 8 was the custom text snippets.

The process was in 8 that we would select file / save as then the save screen would appear. In the filename dialogue at the end we would have the dropdown menu to select the text snippet.

In 9 we cannot find this option when saving via File / Save As function we get no text snippet option dropdown?

Any ideas?

If you select this option, you will get the same Save Dialog as in WaveLab 8 (with text snippets), when you click on the Save As button in the main window:

This being said, it’s a bug not to find the text snippets in the default dialog.


thank you, that worked