text token for filename

I miss having that in previous Brand X. I used to include it in footers. It’s handy when you have a zillion little teeny projects

Did you know that you can add the filename and the date when printing or exporting graphics via options in the Annotations section of the right-hand panel in Print mode?

However, it’s certainly not a bad idea to also allow them as tokens, so I’ve added this to our backlog for future implementation.

Thank you, Daniel. I just got back to this. I guess it pays to explore without a known purpose. It also explains an odd Dorico behavior, I thought. No matter what font size I set for the time, it always came back to its favorite size. I’m guessing that there is a routine that gets called when {@date@} is encountered, and that routine uses its favorite font size no matter what I tell it. I kept setting the font size to my preference, and I thought I saw Dorico overruling me. I was foggy in the head by that time. It went on like that for a couple of days before I threw in the towel. When all else fails, read the instructions.

You certainly should be able to have tokens realised using any size of text you like: just make sure that the whole token, including the enclosing {@ and @} characters, is set to the same font and size, and it should work fine.

Something that I would welcome at this state of my understanding would be selection of font sizes from a simple numerical display without references to the names of the parameters on the list. If I wanted to set the font to a customary default value for a given parameter, perhaps the word “default” could available in one place to click for that that purpose. Everybody’s a software designer.