Text under Bass Clef and moving text around score


I hope this finds you well.

I need to write comments beneath the bass clef and also add Roman numerals for chord positions. All my text appears between the staves. Is there a way of adding comments in any place on a score. These are notes for student guidance. I checked Dorico for info on this so apologies if I’ve missed previous posts.

Many thanks


One way to solve your problem is to move those items in Engrave Mode. You can ctrl-click to get more than one item at a time and drag them all down to where you want them. I just looked through all the menus and settings dialog and can’t see any way to force text below the bass clef. You can set the baseline offset to be something like -50pts when you enter the text and it should be below the bass clef (-30 put it in the middle of the bass clef).
I sure hope someone shows us a better way!

F (flip) is probably the quickest way to get a text item or group of text items under any staff.

Many thanks…that worked for me! Also I discovered some useful tips in Engrave mode as I don’t use it that often. Pianoleo also added a nifty shortcut which I can use in write mode so as always I’m very glad I visited the forum!

Hi pianoleo… that’s a speed solution. …many thanks!