Text visible in all parts, how?


I’m trying to figure out how to get text visible in all parts. If I for instance write composer “xxx xxx 2017” on the top staff of the score it shows only in that part, not in any of the other parts.

How do I make the text object Composer a global object that shows in every part?

Furthermore, how do I change the position? I have managed to move the text sideways, but not up or down.

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The way to do this is using the frame editing in Engrave mode.

However, if all you want is the composer to show on each part there’s already a default frame for that. You should open the Project Info dialog (using the File -> Project Info menu item) and add your text into the “Composer” input field.

If alternatively you want to make text appear in every part at a specific rhythmic position in the score, as if it were (say) a tempo instruction, then you can input it using Write > Create System Text (key command Shift+Alt+X).

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