Text vs. Text in German version

In the German Version of another scoring program “Lyrics” are always translated as “Liedtext”, which makes the distinciton between the different kinds of text easier. Would prefer this for Dorico as well. At the moment there are two items in the toolbar, which both are “Text”.

I didn’t find a way, to enter expression text like “espressivo” in Dorico by now? Did I miss something or do one has to type these as normal text?


Thanks, Heiko, for reporting the text vs. lyrics issue: I agree that lyrics should be translated as “liedtext” and I have passed this on to our manuals team lead.

You can choose between using Shift+X text or dynamics to write those kinds of text instructions: if you choose to use dynamics, you have to add e.g. “p” to the start of the dynamic, but you can then choose not to show it by setting the ‘Show intensity marking’ property appropriately.

May I propose to use “Gesangstext” instead of “Liedtext”? Not everything is a “Lied”

Michael from Austria

Thank you Daniel.

Michael, your are right, but “Liedtext” is very common for many notation programs, e.g. Sibelius, Finale, Musescore and Capella. So I would stick to it.

Our German translator has told me that he intends to use “Liedtext”.

Is this the final version for this kind of text or are you planning something else? If it’s the final version, I would like to ask for a shortcut to fill into the popover to hide the dynamic immediately and to align the text to the left.