Text weird behaviour

Hello everyone,
I’m experiencing a weird behaviour from a text I wanted to drag and/or cut paste in a score. As I drag it into bar 81 it’s just flew away outside the score. It does happen in too. But I don’t know why. I’ll upload a video to show you. There was no music before that. Just a “fermata” at bar 80 that I deleted.

I have often “fixed” strange displaying behavior like that just by switching from galley view to page view and back.


André, before your text flies off completely, you could do a CMD+X or CTRL+X to cut the text.
Then select the rhythmic position you would like the text to be - and paste it there.
Is it off again?
I would suggest you do the dragging in Engrave Mode only.

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Also you can move items as far as a whole note at a time by keyboard. I find this much more reliable in terms of screen redrawing. Set the grid, select the item, and Alt-arrow.

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@judddanby Ok, il keep in mind :smiley:

@k_b Yes I tried but I had the same results. I fixed by deleting and rewriting in the correct position. But the solution suggested above seems more elegant of course!

@Mark_Johnson Yes I think you are right :blush: