Text Wrapping in Dorico

I am currently making a music book, and have decided to try my luck with the “writing portion” (acknowledgements, preface, about the compiler, etc.) in Dorico.
Do you all know how in sume books there’s an “About the Author” page, where it shows the image of the author, and then text that “wrap around” it?

Is it possible do to that in Dorico?
I know that I can make custom master pages, and I’m familiar with the process, but I don’t know about Text-Wrapping.

Use the right tool for the job. That’s for publishing programs. E.g. Affinity Publisher, Adobe InDesign. You will suffer much less stress! And they can all pull in the Dorico PDF.


Dorico doesn’t have any features for wrapping text around images in frames. You can fake it up by having two text frames, one that takes the width of the image into account and another positioned above or below the image that runs the full width, but you will have to manually take care of the transition from one frame to the next, as you can’t link text frames in Dorico so that the text will run automatically from one to the next.