Textual notes for the process of composition

I’m starting to use Dorico to compose. I’m frustrated that I cannot take notes on the staff or the flows. Right now I am just using the Project Info information input to keep notes on the different flows. At least that is better than switching back and forth from a Google doc. Is there a better way to do this? I’m probably asking Dorico to be something different here, a creative tool rather than a notating and engraving tool.

Do you mean like adding comments?

Woohoo! This is great. I only wish I could comment on a whole flow now, rather than particular notes. (The purpose of this flow is…) I tried commenting the 4/4, but that did not work. Is there a way to do that?

Select something at the beginning of the bar and put the comment there?

I see that when you delete a note, the comment still lives. So for now I can use this bug to attach a comment to a flow. I’ll just hope the bug is not fixed! Thank you.

Not sure I’d call it a bug – have you read about how Dorico approaches rhythmic position?

You can also show the caret and input a comment wherever the caret is positioned.

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This is better! So you are annotating the bar in a flow via the cursor. The only downside–delete the bar, and the notes are deleted, too. Incidentally, it appears that when a commented note disappears, the comment is attached to the bar, one up in the hierarchy. However, when a commented bar disappears, the comment is deleted. It would be nice if the flow was at the head of the hierarchy and the same logic applied.