Tguitar Audio Errors

Okay so I freaked out while playing Tguitar.
I was just jamming on some chords when I heard voices in my headphones. Stopped and there was nothing there. Kept playing and once again I heard voices in my headphones. Starting thinking I was being haunted.
Long story short, I found that if I Hit the C#4 key at full velocity, there is a voice that comes through. It appears that someone forgot to stop recording. Now it doesn’t happen every time but every 2nd and 3rd time and the phrase is different 2nd to 3rd time.
I did a search on the webs and found nothing about this. Surely I am not the only one to have experienced this, or is there someone trapped within my data trying to get out.
I have taken a recording of it and will see if I can upload it.

Wow, that’s spooky!

The author of the plugin is whom you should contact to report, according to the Steinberg Tguitar sales page.

and, the contact page for AcousticSamples