TGuitar License Clarification

TGuitar specs just say Internet connection and activation required. It doesn’t make it clear how it’s activated and whether it works on the new dongle free licensing system or not.

In short, I’m using Cubase 12 with the included free Halion SE. I am not using a USB elicenser. Will TGuitar work?


i THINK it’s a soft licence and elicencer which means you still need to run the Elicencer to add the licence to your hard drive , Steinberg gave the same information for the Vocal phases , it is a little unclear im afraid but im sure if you haven’t got as dongle then it’s a soft licence

Thanks. Hopefully that’s the case. I would contact support but the sale will be long over before I get a reply.

All current Halion libraries use the Soft-eLicenser system. They don’t require the USB-eLicenser hardware dongle to work.

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Thank you