TGuitar - No upgrade path for Virtual Guitarist 2 owners?


it took Steinberg 13 years to finally produce a follow-up of the suddenly discontinued VG2, and now there’s no upgrade path for VG2 owners? Not nice.


I paid £110 for the whole download but the download does not appear in My Products.

Also, The actual Software appears in my DAW but the computer says that it is the wrong C Drive?

Not happy and Steinberg took my money quickly enough this morning bu still haven`t got back to me so I just want a refund now under Trading Standards.

Wasted a full day on this. Supposed to be fun! Just headaches and feeling ripped off.

Simon Connor

TGuitar will not work in Cubase Pro9. Computer could not upgrade path for TGuitar.

Steinberg not interested - they got my £110.

Who stated that TGuitar won’t work with Cubase Pro9? The latest version of HALion 6.4 / HALion Sonic (SE) 3.4 is required, then it should work.

best regards

TGuitar is not a Steinberg product nor is it a VG2 successor. Also the concept of this instrument is totally different. It is an acoustic guitar library made by Acoustic Samples.

Cab TGuitar read Midi Files?