TGuitar seizes up after a minute or two of use

I am not sure if this is a problem with T Guitar directly, or with my host (Cubase Pro 11), although this problem has never happened with any other VST instrument before.

I can keep the interface open and make changes, hit a few notes to check, or not do anything at all. But when I started playing for a couple of minutes (solo, chord or pattern), T Guitar suddenly seems to hang. The last notes I played on my midi keyboard remain depressed in the interactive virtual keyboard, and those notes are playing, but I can’t do anything. When I try to switch to a different instrument to fully reset it, Cubase crashes and I have to force-quit it.

Has anyone else experienced this, or something similar with another plugin? How did you fix it?

I am using a MacBook Pro (2019) with an Intel i9 and 32gb of ram.

Same thing has just happened to me. I used TGuitar in Solo and Chords modes for several projects without problems, today I tried to use Patterns mode and TGuitar started to crash Cubase.