TGuitar v5 Website Download and Download Assistant links are broken

I’ve been trying to download the latest TGuitar V5 update both via Download Assistant or directly from downloads, but in each case I am getting an error message. I think this is a problem at Steinberg’s end, can somebody confirm?


Yes, I’m getting an error message too.

Same here. I have had Tguitar crash cubase everytime I use it. So, have uninstalled it and now am unable to reinstall. It is crap!

11 days and counting, this issue still not fixed, c’mon Steinberg people! :angry:

I’ve spent a whole day last week trying to re-download TGuitar after purchasing it last year and my computer had to be rebuilt after a fail. I’ve contacted Steinberg Support but after a week, no response.
I purchased TGuitar, and almost every time the download seems to work, but after verification, probably while the content file is getting built the whole thing fails and I receive this pop-up: An error occurred while downloading ‘TGuitar’. Please try again later.
I’m now so pleased to learn that it wasn’t just me, but that others also have this issue, so it’s not something I have done incorrectly. but this now needs to be fixed.
I am aware that after the software has been installed that there is an update as well, but I haven’t even been able to load the plugin in its older form yet.
When is ‘later’. The plugin wasn’t cheap and please someone from Steinberg, make this a high-priority request. I haven’t used TGuitar once yet, and if this can’t be resolved at least I want my money back.
Is everyone in the Steinberg Support/software team still on holiday??

It’s really poor that issues like this are left to fester, it does not do Steinberg’s reputation any good at all. These products cost good spending money and people deserve backup when things do not work as advertised.
A download link which is not working should be fixed within a very short time of it being reported, it’s not difficult.

Hi there,

Is this about the [:arrow_down: AS_TGuitar.vstsound v5] download button? It seems to work as expected.

The link is:

Is it working for you if you copy it into the browser’s address bar?

Clicking or copy-pasting the link generates this error:

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #132.162b1eb8.1641830817.38d97367 


Thanks. This is really very strange. I cannot reproduce it. The file is available on all my systems via different browsers as well as via Steinberg Download Assistant.

Here’s a temporary alternative link, just to provide a quick solution:

Sorry for that!

Thanks, but I don’t believe that’s the TGuitar sample library, as it’s only 12 Meg in size. Is it like, an installer? I don’t want to click on it, as I don’t know whether it’s maybe corrupted. Oops, just read your earlier posts. No, sorry! This is just an update, and that link works fine. I was after the library file that came with the purchase. It should be over 2GB in size.

Yes it is an update, and clearly (since a day or so ago at most in fact) it looks like Steinberg have finally repaired that link. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know Georg_Kiria.

If you want the full TGuitar library perhaps give it another go, as it would seem they have at last done something here! Perhaps they have put right the problem you have been having. Good luck!

I can confirm, @aurban. I sent a message to @Georg_Kiria to let them know, but they’re sleeping now! (or should be :wink: )

@aurban So far, I could only replace the file linked on TGuitar’s download page. It’s sufficient to update existing TGuitar installations. I hope, the SDA issue can be fixed tomorrow.

Yay! Thank you all for your help with this, and especially Steinberg Support Team. :heart_eyes:
Just finally glad the download went glitchless, and it even seems to have installed version 5, so me thinks no further update patch appears to be required. At least not for now.
Back to work tomorrow after a holiday, and glad I finally can continue working with all of those patches after having completely rebuilt my machine.
Here’s me hoping that the computer will now behave.
Have a happy year everyone.

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Great, thanks for the kind feedback. Happy New Year!