"thank you " 816 x for this waste of money

thats it .

after 4 monthes of trying everything and stil get little drop-outs and stuff and even when i got used to working with those prblems ( not that i had to in the first place ) but now every startup of my computer says " failed to initialize" on the driver
(on my win7 64 bit +xp sp3) and again this 700$ piece of metal is shutdown .
what is wrong with this interface ? why dont you solve problems before you sell products??

this is so /.%#%#%#

i can assure you , my next interface will NOT be steinbergs

I’m assuming you’ve done all the other stuff, like contacting your vendor and Steinberg about the issues, search the Internet and look for info regarding what you are experiencing and making sure your system is up to date on drivers and firmware.

If you’ve done all this, then I’m sorry for your experience and it sounds like you have a lemon, which occasionally happens in all product lines ever produced by any manufacturer.

If possible, please update this post with what you’ve tried in terms of the above paragraph. As 816 users, we could all learn something from this.

I had the same issues, then I switched to a Mac pro and all those problems dissapered. Now I can’t get my headphones working which is worse cuz I cannot even work due to a new born in my house. I wish u luck man,bathe Steinberg people are not very helpful!