Thank you brilliant Dorico and its ecosystem

I want to thank brilliant Dorico and the support team that have brought me to this point. Two and a half years ago during the pandemic lockdown, I bought Dorico 3.5 Pro to embark on a journey of discovery. I wondered whether I could arrange Grace William’s Fantasia on Welsh Nursery Tunes Orchestral Work, for a Concert / Symphonic Wind Band, never having composed nor arranged music before. With no formal musical training, I had played in it in my youth before, and then barely any ensemble music for 50 years until I took up a Saxophone 6 years ago never having played a reed instrument before. Throughout that journey, I’ve been supported by countless exceptionally kind people on the Dorico journey through the support forum and elsewhere providing tips, insights, guidance, trouble shooting, coaching and mentoring - too many to mention – you know who you are. It culminates in three and a half weeks’ time, when my project using Dorico will see daylight and my work will receive its world premiere of the first arrangement of the work for a Concert / Symphonic Wind Band, when the Chalfont Concert Wind Band will perform it 7:30pm Saturday April 1st at the Hub, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, SL99RF, England. Thank you brilliant Dorico – you’ve taught me a lot.


Yah it’s pretty amazing good. The 4.3 release and updates does everything I need it to - all the hard work into the lower zone has done wonders for my workflow. Tying the MIDI/CC so closely to the score is the way it’s supposed to be done, makes humanizing a breeze.