Thank you Dorico team

Now i can write my music , play and record it, all in dorico

Thank you all the team


On behalf of the team, you are welcome, @EThierry

And thank you for sharing this lovely piece of music, very nice. :smiley:

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Beautiful music !!

Yes Dorico has become the best Notation Based Music Production and Publishing software on the market.

Its notation is awesome and still improving on a regular basis !

As for its playback… it is simply the best Midi Playback I have encountered in 30 years of experience in Midi software (Notator, Opcode, Finale, Logic…)

The humanisation features are second to none and improving at a rapid pace, while the VST Audio Engine is a monster of quality and efficiency !! Dorico 32bit 96Khz files are a pleasure to mix or master !!

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